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Fairy tale worlds

Silhouette art

"Art is not the bread, but it is the wine of life"

Jean Paul

Even before music the visual arts played a major role in my life. As the grandson of the Sorbian artist and graphic artist Johannes Hansky (1925-2004), I grew up in his studio, slept on a fold-out couch between his pictures and found the smell of fresh oil paint to be pleasant.


I have always liked to paint myself but never thought about doing it as a job. The stage was more attractive than that. Nevertheless, I kept this hobby and looked for this outlet for my imagination and inner imagery as a counterbalance to singing. A series was created under the title "Märchenwelten" as a homage to the great silhouette artist Lotte Reiniger (1899-1981).


The pictures are a so-called "Mix Media", consisting of watercolor, paper cut or ink drawings. The effect of the silhouette was particularly important to me, because although it provides clear shapes, it still gives the viewer enough imagination for color and expression. For example, in "The Seven Ravens" everyone will see a young woman. But everyone unconsciously decides for themselves what color her dress, what expression her face has. Keep dreaming


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